Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Month of Diamonds

April is Month of Diamonds; it's the traditional birthstone for those who were born in this month. Though its composition is very simple, but it's the hardest natural substance on the planet. They are so strong that they can only be cut or polished by another diamond, and should always be stored separately, as they can damage other jewelry.
Diamonds are believed to enhance relationships and increase inner strength. It brings balance, clarity and abundance to those who wear it. They are typically colorless, but yellow, brown, green, gray, black, pink, blue, red, and purple stones are also available.

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Diamonds can be gifted all year round, but have special importance when you gift them to April born. They are available in different shapes, size and color.

 “Big girls need big diamonds.”
― Elizabeth Taylor

Yes! That's true; whether it’s a simple pair of diamond earrings, pendants, bracelet or an engagement ring - it’s always precious and will definitely bring smile on her face.

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